Canon PIXMA iP90 Printer Drivers Manual

Do you find yourself requiring a printer for your work? You can consider getting a Canon PIXMA iP90for this purpose. The printer is pretty decent and quite reliable when it comes to helping its owner finish their job in an efficient way. You would want the printer you purchase to be something that is worth the investment, wouldn’t you? This could be the one that is just that. But of course you will also want some more information on how exactly the printer fares before making the purchase at the same time. You can then rely on this short piece of review to gain better insights on this specific matter.

Why Choose This Unit?

Canon PIXMA iP90is a device that is pretty straightforward. In addition to printing out the regular way, it can also work as a photo printer making it a must have item especially when your work has all the things to do with producing copies of physical pictures such as when you need to gather a collection of photographic portfolio for example. Also, it is a color printer so you do not have to worry about not being able to bring out all the hues you have managed to capture through the lens. Sadly, though, the inkjet printer does not come with a multifunction property, meaning it works solely as a printer. You cannot rely on the machine for scanning or copying purposes so you might have to resort to other devices in this case. But other than that, the printer is sleek and simple with its single-purpose capability. When you need something trustworthy and worth your time to print out materials, this dude should be the one you can depend on.

What Canon PIXMA iP90lacks, it makes up for with another trait. While it cannot be used for scanning and copying purposes, it sure comes with wireless capability. And seeing just how mobile one can be even during one’s time inside the house, the wireless connectivity that this device offers should come in handy. You can connect to the printer from any corners of the house and still make it to produce some valuable documents for the work that requires it.

A Glimpse into Its Specs

Canon PIXMA iP90has a power requirement set of an AC of 120/230 V of nominal voltage and a frequency of 50/60 Hz. When in its operational mode, the printer consumes 10 watt only so you should not fear for the machine to be the one causing your utility bill to blow up. The unit employs the Canon FINE (Full-lithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering) technology that works with a 4-color ink palette consisting of black, yellow, magenta, and cyan. With this palette, the unit comes with two ink tanks, one for black, one for color ink.

In terms of speed, Canon PIXMA iP90produces 16 pages of A4 document in one minute and 12 pages of colored printouts in a minute. Other details about the unit are as followed:

a. Connectivity: wireless and wired
b. Interfaces: IrDA and USB
c. Color management tools: Windows Image Color Management (ICM) and Apple ColorSync
d. Direct printing tools: PictBridge

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