Canon PIXMA iP1300 Manual Printer Drivers

Canon PIXMA ip1300 is the right option when you must print some documents and photos for personal use. Moreover, this printer is also versatile when printing for several paper types as long as the weight is in the range. You can use plain paper, photo and glossy paper, and envelope. This printer utilizes an inkjet technology with utmost efficiency. You may save ink when using for more tasks. It has dimension 435 mm width, 249 mm height, and 165 mm depth. The weight is 2.9 kg that will be more when users put papers on the try.

Canon PIXMA ip1300 is reliable enough for standard printing at home. You can do printing on plain paper with black-white and colored. Based on its size, it can be placed on desk or any plan surface. Make sure to avoid edge to that no one is on the high risk. Due to its weight, the support must be stable with top durability.

The good thing about this printer is duplex mode. This technology is useful when you must print single paper with two pages on top and bottoms. You can use this feature from software made by Canon. Pixma is printer series from Canon for photo and digital printing. All printers are capable to deliver the high-resolution printing. You take photo via camera and transfer into computer. After that, plug the printer, choose setting, and wait the process is done.

For regular printing, you use plain paper with size A4 or smaller as long as it fits into tray and can pass the head. Other types include envelope and card-type paper with small size. The maximum weight is approximately 250 gr/m2 for glossy paper. Canon PIXMA ip1300 has a tray with capacity 100 sheets. That’s more than enough when you must print many files and documents. For your information, this capability is for plain paper such as A4 7-80 gr/m2.

Print speed is 11 ppm for black-white and color plain paper. The speed will be slower when the paper is thicker. You can adjust setting and put more resolution when printing card name and photo. When implementing such thing, one paper may take longer and the quality is extraordinary due to maximum resolution can reach 4800×1200 dpi.

Canon PIXMA ip1300 uses driver so that users may send printing quest directly from computer. The driver is available as part of purchasing package. You will get this one and install immediately. Before installation is done, you cannot unplug the USB cable connected to computer. For software, it is from Canon that lets user do some settings and adjustments. It is usually useful for photo printing.

Support also includes compatibility regarding operating system. Driver for Canon PIXMA ip1300 consists of mac OS and Windows. When using computer with the latest system, users must upgrade the driver. It is a matter of compatibility so that the system recognizes the printer.

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