Canon PIXMA iP1200 Printer Drivers Manual

Quality over appearance is what you can see from Canon PIXMA ip1200. This model is top choice when you must print full-color paper with high resolution. The printer uses inkjet technology that has been implemented into several models from Canon Pixma’s lineups. Using this tech will reduce the speed but the quality is the best because you can print almost anything from standard document to thicker paper for card name. More review and explanation will be at the below sections.

Canon PIXMA ip1200 has dimension 425 mm length, 249 mm width, and 165, mm height. From its outer appearance, you may see a slightly bulk printer. The weight is 2.9 kg without ink and papers. You need extra support when putting this device on desk. Check standing integrity to ensure the position is stable. Printer is not portable mode so that you cannot move easily.

For basic printing, it can deliver 10-11 ppm plain paper regardless black-white or colored printing. This capability is enough to support your daily task. This printer is also capable to handle photo that takes approximately 100-115 seconds. The speed is slower because it must adjust the ink and resolution. You can get quick printing but the result is less favorable. If want to obtain the best photo, choose the right setting and paper.

In general, users may put any paper in this printer as long as the size is fixed. Plain printing is mostly with paper with size such as A4, F4, A5, and some small cards. You just adjust the head when adding paper on the tray. Canon PIXMA ip1200 can do printing for plain paper, photo paper, envelope, photo sticker t-shirt transfer, and glossy photo paper. The tray is enough for 100 sheets. Media has minimum 64 gr/m2 and maximum 273 gr/m2. You cannot put paper or media that is thinner and thicker than those limits.

This printer uses USB cable for connectivity. You may plug into computer or laptop. When using this device, make sure the connection is solid and valid. Check the sign to ensure the printer is already on before printing. Computer must have operating system such as Windows and Mac OS. Both are compatible for Canon PIXMA ip1200. Users can operate this printer on the latest system but the software and driver must be updated.

For driver, Canon provides the one as purchasing package. You receive driver immediately and install before using this printer. On the other hand, the original driver was dedicated for system during an initial purchase. As you know, technology evolves with more advanced and capability. For the latest system, you must install the most compatible driver.

Canon PIXMA ip1200 is enough for regular use epically at home. You can print more papers as long as ink is available. For maintenance and support, you must utilize the genuine accessories and ink from Canon. They are compatible that make printer last longer with utmost productivity.

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