Canon PIXMA iP1100 Printer Drivers Software

You must do printing some documents with high resolution and quality. In that case, Canon PIXMA ip1100 should be on your consideration. This printer uses inkjet technology that can deliver colored printing with in-depth resolution. For black-white, the result is also clear that can be done quickly for 20 papers per minutes. It should do more when you adjust the quality with a little bit lower but still looks clean. To know more about this printer, check the following section.

Canon PIXMA ip1100 has size 385 mm length, 195 mm width, and 165 mm height. From its size, you can see the printer is quite compact that is placed in any desk or spot safely. It weight is approximately 2.3 kg that will be more when you add paper and ink. It is not a portable printer where you move around easily. On the other side, Canon dedicates this model for personal use or office. You just prepare enough space and the printer is ready anytime you want to use.

The next feature from Canon PIXMA ip1100 is printing quality. Inkjet uses manual printing mode but the manufacturer improves the speed by upgrading the technology. For standard black and white printing, you will obtain approximately 20 papers per minute. For colored one, the speed is 16 ppm without losing the high definition resolution. If users use software, some printing modes will be useful to adjust size, edge, resolution, and paper level. The resolution is up to 1200 dpi that is suitable for photography and graphic design.

Canon PIXMA ip1100 still uses standard USB cable for connectivity. You also need enough power supply with stable electricity. To utilize this printer, users prepare PC or laptop then plug the connector into USB port. This product does not have wireless adaptor so that you must do setting on computer directly.

Driver is necessary before using this printer. User will receive official driver after purchasing is completed. It is compatible with several operating systems such as Windows and Mac OS. However, you need to upgrade into the new one when your computer uses the latest system. Software has capability to support printing such as resolution setting, ink management, checking, cleaning, etc. You may use the latest one that has high compatibility.
From above explanation, you understand the capability of this printer. At first glance, it looks quite regular because most of Canon Pixma seems to incorporate the same design. On the other side, the specs will tell more about features and printing quality. This device is compatible for personal use especially designers that want to do printing their creation. To ensure the quality is excellent, users should adjust paper type and resolution. For regular black-white printing, Canon PIXMA ip1100 can handle moderate work. The inkjet technology requires constant ink supply. You must buy and use the genuine from official store. As long as users follow manual, the printer can last longer with the proper maintenance.

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