Canon PIXMA iP100 Printer Drivers Series

Canon PIXMA iP100, in a nutshell, is an upgrade of Canon’s own iP90 series. The most noteworthy improvement implemented to the iP100 unit would be the number of its ink nozzles, which receives a big bump from the previous models. With this upgrade, the new release boasts a better print speed and quality, which ultimately makes it a device as desirable as others in the fuller size of category. Sure, the Canon printer does not come with anything fancy like its competition but this one unit is definitely a dependable device with its profile that is much lower, its print speeds that are pretty satisfying, and its versatility that is of course capable of meeting user’s varying needs.

Taking a Simple Look at the Unit

Canon PIXMA iP100still carries out its older siblings’ thematic design, which is peppered with simplicity and straightforwardness. It looks really similar to its predecessor so much so that you will find yourself confusing both actually. The side panels are glossy back while the body itself has a finish of matte silver. The paper handling tray comes out of the body and has a capacity of 50 sheets, which is a significant boost from the previous model’s paper handling capability. You can find a variety of functions on the right side of the unit: a port for infrared to connect to cell phones with compatible IrMC 1.1, a port for USB 2.0, and a port for PictBridge to support direct printing through supported digital cameras. Paying extra cash, you will get additional Bluetooth adapter called the BU-30 which will go into the USB port to accommodate wireless printing through a mobile device or a laptop. The unit, however, does not come with a built-in card reader, so users will have to print solely through USB port or the PictBridge port. It also lacks a Wi-Fi adapter.

Canon PIXMA iP100 is 2.4 inches tall, 12.7 inches wide, and 7.2 inches deep. At this dimension, the unit is admittedly a little heavier and larger than the previous series but it is still much smaller in profile than its other competitors out there. And while it looks pretty similar to its predecessor from outlook standpoint, the unit has actually received an overall revamp on its internal cartridge. Its nozzles are now 1856 in total. It also works with Canon’s latest ink technology, the ChromoLife color inks, which is claimed to be able to produce 249 pages. Meanwhile, the presence of two options of Save Black Ink and Use Composite in Canon PIXMA iP100can really be helpful for those looking to stretch out the lifecycles of the cartridges.

So What’s It Gonna Be?

What’s the final verdict for Canon PIXMA iP100?

What you’ll like

Excellent prints yielded by high-res ink nozzles, significant improvements in terms of print speed, and its familiar design should be enough to make it comfortable for you to work with the unit.

What you’ll dislike

Its lack of media card reader is definitely a limitation for you to overcome if you really want to purchase the unit.

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